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Bankate loans: guide to alternatives 2019

Bankate loans: guide to alternatives 2019

In this article we will go into a detailed analysis of the Bankate Loans proposal, but first let’s spend a few words on the credit institution. Bankate Consumer Bank is a bank of Spanish origin (born in Spain, where it maintains its registered office in Madrid) which over the years has increasingly opened up to a process of internationalization. This led her to have various offices in Europe and a massive presence also in Latin America.

As far as Italy is concerned, where it has been operating for several years, there has been above all the specialization of consumer credit (however, those in exchange are not present). However, this does not imply that it also does not offer other products, where insurance, payment cards and deposit accounts stand out.

The loan for private individuals

The loan for private individuals

In the proposal of Bankate on the loans we find first of all the loan that can be requested online (max. 20 thousand USD). It is in fact possible to carry out the various phases, from the loan simulation to the budget, and then to the possible formalization of the request, all directly from Pc. What you need to have is only:

  • tax code or health card;
  • identity document;
  • Iban;
  • income document.

Then you can do the search for the best duration and installment ratio by going to the installment calculation, clicking on one of the buttons on the site like thisThe next page allows us to make choices related to the type of use of the liquidity to be requested and the type of “use”. In the first detail we will have to place the bar on the amount we need, which must be between a minimum of 1500 USD and a maximum of 20 thousand USD (in our case we have chosen 10 thousand USD):

Once this is done, simply choose the type of use by clicking on one of the possibilities shown in the lower part:

NB In any case it is a personal loan so there is no need to be precise in the indication of the use we will make of it. Once this choice has been made, we must enter the age of the applicant and decide whether to simulate and quote with the insurance component (which is optional).

Then the page for calculating the installments based on the different durations ranging from 12 to a maximum of 72 installments opens:

Here we must select the installment we prefer, which is shown at the bottom of the page with the possibility of being able to proceed with the loan request:

You are not logically obliged to proceed immediately, rather it is advisable to proceed only when you are absolutely convinced of your choice. If you really want to proceed you must click on Request Loan and then follow the instructions for completing the following pages (insert e-mail address and telephone number with which you can also be contacted). Once all the entries have been completed, the required documents must be uploaded and a confirmation from the Bankate evaluation service must be awaited.

Employee loans

Employee loans

Bankate’s loans also include a fifth of both salary (maximum age of 62) and pension (maximum age 82). To know the conditions and to get a quote, you can fill in the online form on the official website of the Iberian bank on the page dedicated to this type of loan:

Credit card

As a solution for your installment payments, you can request a Bankate credit card that works on the Mastercard circuit. From the data on the official website of the Iberian bank we talk about a card with a ceiling starting from 1000 USD which can be increased by request. As a technology it is equipped with chip & pin and contactless. Also on the official website at 22 June is specified:

  • the gratuitousness of the fee;
  • the possibility of requesting liquidity directly on the account;
  • the start of repayment in small installments starting on the 20th of the following month.

There are no issuance costs or even fuel costs.

Purchase by installments and Leasing

Purchase by installments and Leasing

If you want to make a purchase in installments through specific financing, you need to contact a retailer who has an agreement for Bankate. Logically, in order to know the conditions (which may vary according to the agreements), different estimates must be made by contacting the authorized operator directly.

If instead you want to take advantage of the leasing formula, once you find the car to buy in this way, you will have to go to one of the branches of Bankate Consumer Bank. Also in this case you can fill out the form for the re-contact (even to find the nearest branch you can go to contacts, and fill out the dedicated form).

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