How to unsubscribe from the Central Credit Register?

A user who requests any form of loan from a credit institution is automatically entered into a end-to-end knowledge company (Central Financial Risks) database . From that moment, all the news regarding the loan will be kept for a certain period of time, which varies according to the purposes of the processing and the events of the credit.

The information contained will be available to all the other banks or financial companies to which the same user will contact for a subsequent loan. From the database it may appear that the user pays or has paid the debt regularly, or that he is considered a bad payer because he has repaid late, or has not paid certain installments of his loan.

Deleting data

Deleting data

The information contained in the end-to-end knowledge company database is automatically removed according to precise timing.

For loans refused by the bank or canceled by the same applicant, the data is canceled after 30 days from the date of cancellation / refusal; if, on the other hand, the loan is disbursed and ends with timely and full payments, the cancellation will take place 36 months after the date of termination of the relationship.

In the event of payment defaults that do not exceed two installments, which are then regularized, the data will be deleted after 12 months from the communication of the balance of the debt, a deadline that rises to 24 months for delays that exceed the two unpaid installments.

On the other hand, as regards the definitive defaults, understood as the payments of the debt that never took place despite the reminders and the notices, the data will be canceled 36 months after the expiry date of the loan.

The process in case of non-cancellation

The process in case of non-cancellation

It may happen that the deletion from the database is carried out with delay, making the loan information persist beyond the scheduled times.

In this case, the user can request the removal from the end-to-end knowledge company using the online form on the portal of the same control unit, to be sent by e-mail, fax or post; the end-to-end knowledge company will have the duty to delete the data within 90 days of the request. To obtain information on the state of fulfillment of your application, simply consult the site of the Central by entering the file number.

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