How to use credit card points?


Do you have a card that gives you points for every purchase? So knowing how to use it is essential! If you still have questions, it’s time to get rid of them and find out how to use credit card points, otherwise you’ll throw money away.

You may have stopped here because you intend to apply for a card to earn points and redeem for benefits. Well, we will help you too, dear reader.

The points card is a means of spending money, but getting something in return. This way, you make a purchase and earn points and can redeem for airline miles, ie travel tickets, hotels, dinners and more.

Cards work with scoring every dollar spent. They can offer from 1 to 2.5 points on average. Today you would need to spend $ 3.30 if your card offers 1 point per dollar (dollar price on 2/15/2018).

To know for sure the amount of points that your credit card offers, stay on his site, there you can answer all questions about the points with each purchase.

Not all credit cards offer points. So if you plan to have a card to make your purchases and earn points and then redeem for tickets, look for those offering the rewards program. At the end of this post, we’ll give you a list of the best scorecards. Now that you will know all about using credit card points, how about thinking of one?

What do I pay for using a card that offers points?

What do I pay for using a card that offers points?

Let’s take it easy. Before you go out requesting a new card to start earning points, know what you pay for the benefit (it was very good). Generally, scoring credit cards have more expensive annuities.

Then it will depend on you, more specifically on your card consumption. If you are a person who does not spend much, only makes purchases from day to day, you may not compensate for this type of card. Now, if you buy everything on the card and have a generous expense, the points card can be an ally at your leisure.

So non-annuity cards do not have scoring programs or to achieve a considerable score you need to spend (well) higher, as well as Yebank rewards.

How to use credit card points?

How to use credit card points?

Did you pass the card a lot in the little machine? Points joined? And now, what do I do with these points? – It depends on what you intend!

You must choose a loyalty club. Your card can now be targeted, such as airline miles cards. Then just transfer your points from the card to the program. On some credit cards, this transfer is made automatically.

If you have a card that gives you points but is not directed to any category, then we return to the loyalty club. Please note that in order to transfer your points to these clubs, you may come across a fee, which, depending on the amount, may be worth the amount of the score.

To find out about the values ​​and exchange your points, visit your credit card website. There all the information will be at your disposal in an easy and intuitive way. If you have questions, call the bank, if you have an agency account, talk to the manager, the important thing is to have no doubt about your money.

And speaking of money, be aware of the validity of your points, they also expire (time to take a deep breath). Gone is money for trash, you lost your benefits as you pay annuity. Always keep an eye on dates.

Schedule yourself

Schedule yourself

And speaking of dates, when do you intend to redeem your points to turn them into miles? One day before buying tickets? If yes, it deserves an ear tug (light but deserves it).

Transferring points from the card to the loyalty club or any program can take up to 7 business days, so make sure you don’t get the day to buy tickets and you haven’t dropped the points in your account.

Loyalty Club

Loyalty Club

As I went on in this post, there are some programs that offer the card that gathers points for a particular purpose. The first two are aimed at air miles, while the last are several products that can be purchased for points.

So stay tuned. If your profile doesn’t fit with a scorecard, it’s not worth asking for, as there are others that help you shop without risking offering a service and not being taken advantage of.

So, did you learn how to use credit card points? If you still have questions, leave it in the comments. To the next!

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