Property Consortium: Simulate Your Credit.

How many times have you put off buying a home because of an unforeseen event? If money is short, a good way to keep your dream aside is to invest in a real estate pool. The administrator Imugie can offer interesting conditions, want to find out what they are ? Continue reading this article.

Real Estate Consortium Operation

Real Estate Consortium Operation

Before opting for a mortgage line it is important to know about its operation. In this system, the administrator sets up a group of people interested in buying a similar good, in this case, the property. With the payment of installments by members, the money is set aside in a common fund.

It is from the cash balance that the consortium members will have the chance to receive the letter of credit. Everyone participates in sweepstakes held during the assemblies and, to increase the chances of contemplation , you can bid to anticipate the acquisition of the good.

Remember that the credit is only granted to the client who is on time with the payments and present all the documentation required by the administrator. Now that you understand how a real estate consortium works, it’s time to find out more about the service Imugie offers and if it’s worth it to you.

Imugie Real Estate Consortium

Maggi Real Estate Consortium

In the consortium plan you define the amount of credit, installments and term to pay. One of the strengths of this modality is the absence of interest, in which the participant pays a small administration fee to the company. Aside from having no entry, you don’t have to worry about having a high cash reserve right now.

Speaking of deadlines, the Imugie Consortium offers 180 months to pay, and the first installment can be paid by Femunde , in several cards. Finally, the customer has access to the various online services on the site, see what they are:

  • 2nd copy of the ticket;

  • Bid submission;

  • Assembly follow-up;

  • Simulation of the plan .

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