Short – term loan

Even with well-planned expenditures and regular income, you may be taken aback by a car breakdown, a broken large home appliance, or an unexpected payment. Families with children cope with school fees, clubs, sports and school supplies all year round. Holidays and birthdays of family members, holidays and holidays will definitely drain the created reserve and what next?

Borrowing from family or friends is no longer an ideal step for losing confidence and financial commitment to loved ones. In all cases, it may not always be possible to circulate banks and undergo long loan procedures. Good Finance offers flexible and readily available loans that give you instant cash. We will not delay you by paperwork, personal conduct, nor will you judge and put you in boxes.

Clear and simple conditions


Cooperation with Good Finance is based on clearly defined and understandable rules. You can review the terms and conditions at any time on our site. A handy interactive calculator will help you objectively decide on the final loan amount.

You can freely change the amount, you will always immediately see the amount and number of installments. You will only commit to repayment without jeopardizing the normal functioning or seriously disrupting the budget. You can work with real numbers better and realize any risks or benefits.

Everything is done online

Everything is done online

The short-term loan is not burdened by administration or unnecessary fees. Just fill out the application online, in a matter of minutes we are able to evaluate the entered date by automated processes and notify you of the result of the procedure. We transfer money to your account at the same rate.

During your repayment, you can check the status of your payments and subsequent installments at any time in your private profile. If your situation develops favorably, there is nothing to prevent early repayment. The opposite case is equally easy to solve. Just communicate with us if you are aware of an obstacle to the timely payment of the next installment, we will offer you a delay or a new payment schedule.

High interest?

High interest?

A frequent scare for non-bank loans is high interest. Yes, we work with a higher risk, we do not ask for proof of income, we do not check the entry in the registers of debtors. We offer our loans to a wide range of applicants and guarantee availability. High interest calculated on small loans in the short term represents a fee of several hundred crowns. It is well balanced by the speed and flexibility of our services. We do not charge administrative fees, early repayment penalties or any hidden costs as part of the loan. We’ll lend you the exact amount to fill the gap in your current budget.

Good Finance is here for you. We do not take advantage of your unpleasant situation, but we help you to solve it amicably. All claims can be paid on time, without penalty and delay. Short-term loans will help you bridge the sharp period and find your lost balance. Of course, we must point out that the loan should always deal with the recovery of serious claims. We recommend postponing the purchase of expensive electronics, luxury goods, or expensive vacations until you are sure of budget stability and are able to draw on the saved fund.

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