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The number of defaulters reached 62 million Brazilians in the first quarter of 2018, according to estimates by the Credit Protection Service which represents 41% of the country’s adult population with some arrears.

According to the indicator, bank debts, such as credit card debt, led the issues in April, up 7.96%. Second, debts with telephony, pay TV and internet (6.81%) appeared.

Trade credit increased 6.11% in the period, while delays with basic water and electricity services fell by 3.06%.

Trade credit

It is a fact that employment and income are factors that impact the payment or not of the bills that knock on the door. But there is also no denying that lack of planning and unbridled spending can result in unpleasant surprises.

Is the amount of an account higher than what you pay? It is not enough just to seek a solution to pay off the outstanding debt, but also understand the cause of the default. And there is only one way to avoid surprises in the accounts: to plan and control expenses.

The challenge of financial planning is the right way to avoid incurring debt. Do not postpone the decision to change your habits! Here’s how to avoid major account surprises.


Credit card bill

Credit card bill

The credit card in Brazil leads the ranking of the highest interest in the world. Although it sounds like a facility, the expenses with the card go out of control quickly.

The problem is because credit, for the most part, is viewed as part of the income, when in reality it is more of a debt that will arrive in the next month.

The key to avoiding surprises on the credit card bill is to strictly follow spending planning and have self-control when you are thinking about using it.

Before you spend spending your credit card, evaluate the following points:

  • How much of my income can I commit to pay the credit card? Create a monthly spend goal. The idea is to pass zero squeeze, see?
  • Track credit card spending in a notebook or expense worksheet , even if transactions are available on the website or in the app.
  • When should I turn to my credit card? It’s easier to pay cash and not have to worry about spending later.
  • “Do you want to pay cash or installments?” When you hear this question, do not think twice about choosing credit in sight. Escape from the parceling, so you do not compromise so much.
  • Is paying the bills with the credit card worth it? The service is not free! You can look for alternatives to the credit card and check to have money .
  • Is the invoice due date the best for the up-to-date payment? Choose a date close to receiving the salary and stay within the cycle closure.
  • I do not have the money to pay the full amount of the invoice. Do I pay the minimum or parcel? Escape from high interest rates with cheaper alternatives such as a personal loan .
  • Credit card withdrawal is a very expensive service because it is an emergency loan released by the administrator. Stay tuned!


Telephone bill

Telephone bill

Before hiring a phone service, be it landline or mobile, you need to know if the subscription value is right for your pocket.

Hired a plan and it’s coming out more expensive than you can afford? Look for the service and ask for a discount, even if you have to reduce some service. Pay attention to the particularities of the contracted plan and change if necessary.

For example, if you make long distance calls, so you do not pay expensive later, choose a plan that includes free minutes for long distance calls.

To avoid surprises in your phone bill, better understand the following points:

  • Is the plan I hired the right one for me? If you need to pay beyond the contracted amount because you end up spending more, seek the carrier to clarify.
  • To avoid surprises in the phone bill, prefer the control plans, with monthly fixed amount and recharge option.
  • You used all your internet package, now what? It is possible to hire single packages, but they can weigh later. Maybe it’s time to reevaluate your plan.
  • Stay within the rates charged by your carrier. Are you going to travel? Please note that a roaming service is charged for incoming calls outside your area.
  • Call times can also have different rates. During the day, the rate is more expensive. Check your carrier’s tariffs.
  • Services such as voice mail, torpedoes and subscription channels are not free. Talk to the operator. You can cancel these services at any time.
  • Going on a cruise? On average, only 1 minute of maritime roaming connection, for both originated and received calls, does not leave for less than R $ 15.
  • Porting the number of your landline or mobile phone can be a good alternative to take advantage of the promotions of other operators. Keep an eye!

Light and water beads

Economy. This is the keyword to avoid surprises in the beads of light and water. The cost of electricity varies according to the flag: red, yellow and green.

For energy, red means unfavorable conditions of power generation, and the consumer receives the account with value in the heights.

And if you have the custom of washing the car, the yard, the sidewalk … It is time to rethink the use of water, a natural and exhaustible resource, not only to reduce the value of the account, but also to contribute to the planet Earth.

Here are some valuable tips for saving water and energy and reducing consumption on your account:

  • Collect clothes and wash everything at once.
  • LED bulbs are the most economical. Replace the old bulbs and feel the difference in the bill.
  • Unplug appliances from outlet when not in use, so as not to consume power at all.
  • Flow reducer, also known as “showerhead”, halves the amount of water coming out of the taps.
  • Classic tips that need to be remembered daily: take a quick shower, turn off the tap while brushing your teeth, turn out the lights. Practice them!
  • Do not let to fix the leak tomorrow if you can fix it today. Waste can be expensive!
  • Switch old appliances, which are high energy consumers, to new ones with energy rating label. “A” products are more economical.

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